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PACTware Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I put PACTware on my website? Is an agreement between our company and PACTware necessary?

    Only member companies of the PACTware consortium are entitled to offer PACTware for download on their websites.

  • Will PACTware support FDT3 ?

    In the next PACTware generation, which is currently in progress, FDT3 DTM will be supported without restrictions. In addition, this version will work as an FDT3 desktop application, but not as a FITS-based FDT server application.

  • Does PACTware support OPC UA ?

    PACTware itself does not have any interfaces to OPC UA. However, there are add-ins from software companies that integrate PACTware interfaces into their own OPC UA concept and then distribute their own software packages as extensions of PACTware.

  • Does PACTware support FDI ?

    To remain a universal tool for instrument configuration, PACTware will be able to integrate FDI packages in the next generation.

  • Is it possible to use PACTware in combination with Siemens PCS7 ?

    In earlier versions, there was a so-called TCI (Tool Calling Interface) that could establish a connection to Siemens PCS7 (STEP7). However, from PACTware version 5 this is no longer supported. Further details can be found in the version history.

  • Can PACTware use DDs instead of DTMs ?

    PACTware does not support DDs directly. But there are various software tools on the market that convert DDs into DTMs that can be used in PACTware.

  • Does PACTware support client/server applications?


  • Does PACTware support FF communication?

    No, PACTware has no interface to FF.

  • Is there any documentation available for PACTware?

    Yes, the PACTware documentation is available in different languages. It is included in the setup.

  • What is the default password of PACTware?

    The default password of PACTware is "manager". Passwords can be changed in the user administration.

  • It happens after the start that recently installed DTMs are not listed in the device catalog. Which measures are necessary?

    After a new DTM installation, the device catalogue must be updated manually or PACTware must be restarted. With each restart, PACTware checks whether new DTMs were installed.

  • Which role does the generic HART DTM play in PACTware?

    The generic HART DTM is device-independent. Only HART commands that are common to all HART instruments (Universal and Common Practice commands) are supported. The generic HART DTM can be used wherever no device-specific DTM is available.

  • Is it possible to start PACTware without password?

    Yes, this is possible. PACTware can be configured accordingly in the user administration.

  • Is it possible to start PACTware directly by double-clicking on a PACTware project file?

    Yes, this is possible.

  • Is it possible to keep a project after a PACTware update to a new version?

    Yes, it is possible. You can find further information in the version overview.

  • How can I use devices that do not have their own DTM ?

    In this case a universal DTM can be used to configure most parameters. There are universal DTMs on the market where device descriptions (e.g. DDs) are converted into DTMs.

  • How can I ensure that I am using the latest version of PACTware?

    PACTware member companies that offer PACTware in their download area also provide information about the latest version.

  • Does PACTware Asset Management offer functions?

    No, the focus of PACTware is the communication and configuration of field instruments.

  • Can PACTware be extended with own functions?

    Members have the possibility to add further functions via the add-in interface.

  • Does PACTware have a command line mode to start the program already with a specific project?

    Yes, enter the project path in the command line as follows: PACTWARE <Path>. If the path contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.

  • Which operating systems are supported by PACTware?

    In the version overview, all PACTware versions with the supported Windows operating systems are listed.

  • What is PACTware DC ?

    PACTware DC is an integral part of the PACTware Installation Package from version 5. PACTware DC provides an optimized workflow for direct communication with only one(!) field instrument.

  • Why do I get two icons on my desktop after installing PACTware?

    With one icon you start PACTware with full functionality. With the other icon, PACTware DC is started.

  • I do not see a project tree in PACTware DC. Where can I find it?

    PACTware DC deliberately does not display a project tree. The focus here is on the visualization of only one(!) device DTM. The standard PACTware is better suited for working in a complex project.

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