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FDT Technology

What Does FDT Mean?

FDT (Field Device Technology) is the interface specification for open data exchange between field devices and automation systems, which is standardized by the international IEC 62453 and ISA 103 standards. In field device technology, the terms DTM (Device Type Manager or device driver) and FDT frame application are especially important.

FDT, the technology behind PACTware, provides a common platform for data exchange for all device drivers (DTM) available according to this standard. This allows full access to all device functions provided by the DTM via different network hierarchies. This means that each device can be configured, operated, and maintained via a standardized user interface in its main features—regardless of the manufacturer, device type, or communication protocol.

FDT technology does not require any specific alterations to the field devices. The communication protocol supported by the device and the device properties are mapped in full by the FDT technology on the PC using software.

PACTware Consortium e.V. is a member of the FDT Group.
The FDT Group AISBL is an international non-profit corporation consisting of leading global member companies active in industrial automation manufacturing – whether it’s process, factory or hybrid. The major purpose of the FDT Group is to provide an open and non-proprietary standardized interface for the integration of field devices with engineering, automation and asset management systems.

Link to FDT Group Homepage

What Are the Benefits of FDT?

  • An open, platform-independent, standardized interface (IEC PAS 62453)
  • Free selection of engineering tools
  • Free selection of field devices to be used

The PACTware Consortium and the FDT Group agreed to work together.


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