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The PACTware Consortium e.V. was founded to combine the interests of many companies and to create a platform for the distribution of the manufacturer-independent PACTware configuration software. This was achieved through active participation in the FDT specification, integration of further communication systems, and internationalization.
The association coordinates new and further developments; for instance, by using comprehensive quality assurance to ensure that software introduced to the market is well engineered before every release. Thanks to its modular design, PACTware is open to future fieldbus standards and all current fieldbus standards.
PACTware is fully transparent and the source code is available for all full members of the PACTware Consortium. This makes it easy to locate and fix errors and to reliably avoid dependencies on individual companies. The standardized software blocks, or "Common Components," initiated by the FDT Group also guarantee the best possible basic technology that is always up to date.
The association is the custodian and rights holder for PACTware. Development work is financed by the membership fees.

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