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What Are the Benefits of Membership?

PACTware is available for full members of the PACTware Consortium e.V. with full transparency, in source code. Members can actively participate in the further development and promotion of the standardized PACTware user interface. Optimizations from other member companies are available to members, as well as the further developments of the standardized software blocks initiated by the FDT Group, the "Common Components". This enables members to participate in a uniquely high standard of quality in the industry for uniform operating software in automation.

Save Costs with PACTware

By becoming a member of the PACTware Consortium e.V., you can participate in the further development and use of PACTware together with other member companies. All results of this cooperation are available to all member companies on an equal basis. This guarantees a consistently high quality of the product and saves costs for each individual member. The independent organizational form of the consortium guarantees additional investment security.

How to become a Member?

Applying for Membership

Do you want to actively contribute to the development of the PACTware software and support projects related to PACTware and FDT?
Then you will definitely be interested in membership in the PACTware Consortium e.V. To become a member, simply complete the membership application and send it to the office (scan per email to info@pactware.com or by fax  to +49 7240 94309-63).

By doing so, you agree to the PACTware Articles of Association and Membership Fee Regulations, and accept the Open Source License for PACTware.
The membership application will be reviewed by the Executive Board and you will receive a response from us shortly.