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Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG

TURCK is one of the leading manufactures in industrial automation. As a full line supplier of IP67 components below the control level, TURCK offers an unique product portfolio for the entire field of industrial automation. With more than 2400 employees working in 25 countries and exclusive agencies in 60 countries, Turck ensures competent support and solutions directly for the field and on-the-spot. Turck capitalises on the potential of globalisation. With production sites in Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico and China, TURCK is capable of adapting to the specific needs of diverse markets throughout the world. With a range of more than 13,000 sensor, interface and fieldbus technology products, TURCK offers highly effective product solutions for nearly every possible application. Based on the plug & work philosophy, combined with robust and reliable technologies, TURCK products enhance the availability of systems and contribute to cost savings in purchase, inventory management, installation and maintenance processes through effective standardisation.

45472 M├╝lheim an der Ruhr

Witzlebenstra├če 7