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Friedrich Lütze GmbH

As an experienced specialist in automation technology, with solutions for highly flexible cables, cable assemblies, interfaces, current control and cabinet wiring, we have had a focus on efficiency for many years.

LÜTZE defines Efficiency in Automation field as the use of sustainable products and solutions to further increase the performance of our products in our customers applications.

We realise this by using components for highly efficient control systems, products with above average life cycles and raising energy efficiency in control cabinets by means of the LSC wiring system.

Sales companies have been founded in France, Austria, Switzerland, USA, UK, Spain and China. Since 2003 LÜTZE has owned the modern electronic production facilities of ELFRA in the Czech Republic.

Railway engineering forms a further important business sector for LÜTZE, where the company is already a major global player: ten thousands of LÜTZE components have already been installed in rail vehicles worldwide.

71384 Weinstadt

Bruckwiesenstraße 17-19