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CodeWrights GmbH

Intelligent measuring devices and actuators are the basis of every automation system. Operation, configuration and analysis of these devices are tasks over the life cycle of a plant. Integration into control systems and device management also represent a daily challenge for the plant specialists on site.

CodeWrights is a reliable partner for device and control system manufacturers, worldwide. Software solutions and services from CodeWrights enable efficient, understandable and safe operation of measuring devices and actuators. Integration is smooth and interoperable.

CodeWrights accompanies you throughout the complete device lifecycle, from A to Z (planning, specification, design, implementation, testing, registration / certification) - with extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, creativity and absolute discretion.

A look at the range of solutions: iDTM-EDD, iDTM-FDI - adapter solutions for the use of EDDs / FDI Device Packages in FDT frame applications, development of FDI Device Packages / UIPs, DTMs, EDDs, LifeCycle Protection Services, consulting, training

Memberships: Cyberforum, FDT Group, FieldComm Group, PACTware, PROFIBUS, VKSI, ZVEI

Integration technologies: EDDL, FDI, FDT, GSD, OPC UA

76137 Karlsruhe

Am Stadtgarten 1