What is PACTware?

PACTware is a manufacturer and fieldbus-independent software for operating field instruments.

Up to now it was often necessary to use several different manufacturer-specific programs to operate different field instruments to the full extent. This is no longer necessary, because PACTware enables adjustment of any and all field instruments with only one software tool.

PACTware uses a standardised interface between the frame program PACTware and the individual software modules for instrument operation. This interface is known as FDT; the software modules for instrument adjustment are called DTMs. This configuration makes modern and user-friendly adjustment concepts possible because the interface for instrument adjustment is optimally adapted to each instrument.

Furthermore, you can communicate with PACTware not only via HART but also via any standard field bus system. To this end, different so-called “communication DTMs” are available. In PACTware, these instrument and communication DTMs are assembled individually according to the given requirements.

PACTware enables open, comprehensive adjustment of different field instruments via any bus system.


  • is manufacturer-independent configuration software for all field instruments
  • is communication, i.e. fieldbus-independent
  • supports the full range of functions of all field instruments
  • offers diagnostics and asset management functionality
  • simplifies setup in automation
  • is versatile and can be used in different areas of a plant
  • is prepared for future standards such as e.g. Ethernet
  • is future ready
  • is free of charge and can be used by anyone

How is PACTware different from other engineering tools?

  • PACTware is a lean, efficient tool for parameter adjustment of field instruments
  • PACTware is manufacturer-independent
  • PACTware is fieldbus-independent
  • PACTware is characterised by intuitive adjustment, a high software quality as well as diagnostics and asset management functionality
  • If necessary, PACTware can be equipped with additional functionality via so called "add-ins"

For which fieldbusses is PACTware suitable?

PACTware can be implemented in process as well as plant automation. The prerequisite is a bus system that can transmit, apart from actual values (process data), also parameter adjustment data. Communication DTMs are already available for the following fieldbusses and communication types:

  • HART
  • Fieldbus Foundation
  • Modbus
  • ControlNET
  • DeviceNET/CIP
  • Ethernet
  • AS-Interface
  • Interbus
  • Standard communication (RS232)
  • Various proprietary networks

Free-of-charge PACTware download

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Suitable fieldbus types