Saving costs with PACTware

As a member of the PACTware Consortium e.V., you have access to an adjustment interface, PACTware, that has developed into a de facto standard in middle-class industry. Investment security is guaranteed by the mutual development and use of PACTware by the member companies.

Full steam ahead into the future

The FDT interface is integrated in PACTware. FDT (Field Device Tool) is the standard for the unification of the interface between field device and user adjustment interface. Thanks to this standard, instruments can be operated and configured easily, quickly and efficiently.

The advantages speak for themselves

  • uniform interface for integration of any and all field devices
  • a plant-wide adjustment interface for instruments and systems
  • quick and efficient integration of HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus instruments as well as instruments with any other interface

Through your membership you secure:

  • use of PACTware, the FDT-compatible solution for adjustment of your field devices
  • access to FDT technology
  • savings by not having to develop your own adjustment interface
  • direct influence on the specification and further development of PACTware
  • use of the PACTware source code (as a full member)
  • use of the FDT engine to develop your own adjustment interface
  • participation in marketing presentations and events (e.g. PACTware Live Training)

Download: Flyer

Download our flyer explaining the advantages of membership.

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