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Will PACTware support future standards like FDT 2.0 and FDI?

FDT2.0 will provide access to advanced device features enabled by the latest software development environment. Therefore PACTware will support this standard, even by using common frame components.

How can I put PACTware as a on my website. Is there an agreement necessary between our company and PACTware?

Only member companies of the PACTware Consortium are entitled to provide PACTware for download on their websites.

Can PACTware use DDs instead of DTMs?

PACTware does no support DDs directly. But there are several Software tools available on the market, which convert DDs into DTMs to be used in FDT frames like PACTware.

Does PACTWARE support Client /Server applications?


Does PACTware support FF communication?

Yes, but a proper Communication DTM from the market must be used.

Does PACTware support OPC?

No, PACTware has no interface to OPC

Does PACTware support Windows Server 2003?


Does PACTware support Windows Vista or Windows 7?

PACTware 4.0 can be used with Windows Vista and Windows 7

Is it possible to run PACTware in a pocket PC?

PACTware does not support Windows versions for Pocket PCs like WinCE or Windows Mobile. It is not planned to support these platforms in the future, because the screen is too small for most of the DTMs.

Is it possible to use PACTware in combination with Siemens PCS7?

TCI (Tool Calling Interface) is implemented in PACTware 4.0 and can be started and used in Siemens PCS7 (STEP7) versions which supports TCI

What is the relation between FDT and FDI? Will there now be one or two technologies in future?

The FDT Group supports FDI by having 3 delegates within the FDI Group.

UIP Harmonization has been requested also by NAMUR.

FDI Packages will run on a FDT 2.0 system.

The MD / VP Technology representing also FDT within the FDI SteCo.

FDI Packages will run on a FDT 2.0 system; thus FDI will also be supported by PACTware

Will FDT2.0 help to become more independent from the operating system?

FDT 2.0 will use .NET framework. Software which is based on .NET can be developed in a way to be independent from hardware architecture and the operating system. Generally, only components that are not .NET based are specific to operating system and/or machine hardware, e.g. device drivers in Communication DTMs. The .NET framework is available on all Windows platforms (Desktop or Server Version on machine architectures x86, IA32, x64, IA64) and some more.

Which operating systems does PACTware support?

The document below deals with an overview about all current PACTware versions and the Windows operating systems supported.
PACTware Version History

Does PACTware has a command line mode to start the program already with a specified project?

Yes, put the project path in the command line in the following way:

PACTWARE Mypath. If the path contains blanks it must be put in inverted commas.

Does PACTware provide an upgrade package for higher functionality?

There are AddIns available which can be activated. AddIns offer additional functionality for various applications.

How can I assure using the latest version of PACTware?

PACTware member companies, which provide PACTware in their download area, are also informed about the latest version.

How can I use devices which do not have their own DTM?

In this case Generic DTMs can be used to configure most of the parameters.

Is it possible to keep a configuration after an update to a new version

Yes, this is possible

Is it possible to start PACTware directly via a double-click on a PACTware project file?

Yes, this is possible

Is it possible to start PACTware without password?

Yes, this is possible but it must be configured properly.

Is the Generic HART DTM contained in the instrument or are the definitions located somewhere else?

There are only HART commands supported which are common to all HART instruments (Universal and Common Practice commands)


It happens after start-up that DTMs which have been installed recently are not listed in the device catalogue.

After a new DTM installation the device catalogue must be updated manually.

What is the default password of PACTware?

The default password of PACTware is "manager"

Do you have any documentation for PACTware?

The PACTware documentation is available in different languages. It is included in the Setup.

Can I rename/change the Device name to an area name?


PACTware installation was done without any errors. But after starting PACTware I received the error message: ?no user information?.

The reason was that User Information was not found in the registry.

Remedy: de-install and clean the PACTware program directory and install again