The PACTware Consortium e.V. was founded to create a platform for distribution of the manufacturer-independent configuration software PACTware. Beside the maintenance and further development of PACTware, a central task of the association is the advancement of DTM and FDT technology.
PACTware is open source and available free-of-charge to the members of the PACTware Consortium. Each member is free to use the software and further develop it. However, this takes place on the condition is that all further developments be made available to the association as open source. The association is the custodian of PACTware and has proprietor rights. The development work is financed through membership fees


Dr. Marianne Katz
Panoramastraße 16
76327 Pfinztal / Germany


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Fax: +49 7240 94309-63
E-Mail: info[at]pactware[dot]com